Monday, March 11, 2013

Crystal's Baby Shower

The baby shower that we hosted on Saturday was so fun! Here are the pictures that I took... I didn't get any back from any of the ladies yet so once I get one that we are all in I will add it to the bottom. I promise I was there (it was at our house!) but I was just behind the camera in these. ;)

This is the appetizer and desserts table. Thanks to my co-hostess Niki for cooking so much of the food! Baking the cake, the hot pepper jelly with cream cheese app and krispie treat making was my contribution.

Here are the treat bags. They were homemade carmel corn in bags that said "About to Pop" which was so funny!

Some of the ladies chatting and then playing games.

Everyone brought a book for the baby and we put them in my vintage baby carriage. My mom bought the carriage for us for Hadley's baby shower. :)

The ombre cake~ loved it.

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