Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Photo Love

We have tried to really enjoy the warmer fall days with Hadley and since it's getting more and more cold :( I thought I would cheer myself up a bit by sharing some cute pictures of our sweet angel. AND I mean seriously... who doesn't LOVE seeing this girl rocking her pink patent Sperry topsiders!
She has had so much fun outside since she's been walking and it's a bit of a shame that it's going to be a lot more indoors time for the next six-ish months. The upside (looking for a silver lining....) is that she will hopefully get to stomp around in some snow for the first time. Maybe we will get her a sled too. ;)

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  1. Hey :) You didn't have any email attached to your blogger profile so I'm writing you back in a comment! My advice is to do what YOU feel comfortable with and then screw everyone else. Sounds harsh--maybe, but you need to be the one who makes those decisions, no one else ;) (maybe your significant other...)---

    Start a new blog if you have to and don't tell anyone about it :)