Friday, June 22, 2012

Random end of the week updates

Hadley will officially hold her own bottle and isn't even fussing at us too much about it! Before, she LOVED having me hold her and give her the bottle and since it was our sweet snuggle time I was fine with her refusing to hold it herself. She's getting more independent and has been more than able to hold it herself for months now so it's been a nice change of pace around here the last few days.
Going from standing up (at one of the built-ins or her toy box or the couch) to sitting down has been a big fear for the munchkin. She would fuss and fuss and insist someone "help" her down. Helping her down just meant touching her so that she had security but she was not a fan of sitting back down and she let us know! In the last 2 days she has started sitting down from standing on her own like it's no big deal. It is too cute and I could not be more proud.
Yesterday, we had lunch with Jim in the park by his office and then walked around on some trails. It was fun and Hadley loved getting to see her daddy. We've had a great week and can't wait for more fun this weekend. :)

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