Tuesday, June 19, 2012

15 months old

Hadley is 15 months old today and becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby daily! We have seen toddler tantrums and she is definitely forming personal preferences. That can be adorable or annoying depending on the circumstance but overall it's awesome when I think about her gaining her independence {slowly}. Yesterday she had her first haircut (le sigh.) and it just looks really cleaned up and not totally different than before but she is growing up!
She is consistently pulling up to stand now {on bookshelves, a dog, the dishwasher, etc} and has been doing so for the last 2 weeks. She has also began sidestepping/cruising sideways cautiously in order to get to desirable books and toys when she's standing. Getting down from standing to sitting has been a big deal {since it scares her and she fusses} but in the last few days she has been fussing less and just sitting down. :)
As far as whole milk bottles, Hadley takes two, 8oz at 7:30 am and another 8oz at 6:30 pm. In the last week she has been showing signs that she is ready to reduce the ounces per bottle but I'm hoping to wait to reduce the amount once we've gotten the okay from the pediatrician at her 15 month check next week. It's funny because when you're feeding your baby you feel like they'll need milk forever(!) but when she reduced her intake at 12 months it was really natural. Since she showed the same signs she is showing now it will soon be time to drop another bottle but we'll see what the doctor says. As a side note, Hadley still won't drink milk from a sippy cup only water.
Hadley's words that we are hearing a lot of these days are Da, Mama, thank you (tea-coo), ball (baah) and wah (not sure what this one means). She gives hugs and big puckered up kisses which melts our hearts.
All of our BumGenius diapers have been moved up to their largest setting in the last month. I definitely prefer using the all-in-one "Elemental" style the best although the pockets work great for sensitive teething booty moments. Who would've thought that teething can make their bums so sensitive?!
Speaking of teething, Hadley is working on tooth number 8!! We can see it and it's definitely being a little beast coming out but soon she'll be chomping even more efficiently.
Late last week, we found out that the tests that Hadley had to get at the children's hospital came back inconclusive which is awesome! Thankfully she will not need to go for another neurology appointment until October (when she's 19 months). She has a follow-up with the orthopedist in early August for her hip dysplasia and we will see if she needs to continue to wear the Rhino hip abduction brace every time she sleeps... we are ready to be done with bracing since she's been wearing it since December 23rd.
We are going to baby story times at two of our local libraries each week and making a weekly trek to the Children's museum in St. Paul.
We love our baby girl so much and it's amazing to see her continue to grow. :)

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