Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Horse Trough Planter

Jim is a gem of a hubby and agreed to cover our ugly weedy flower bed with 12x12 pavers and a horse trough to use as a raised bed planter. It looks amazing compared to the weedy bed we had previously!
Budget-wise, I don't want to give anyone the impression that this project cost a fortune but it wasn't incredibly expensive for the awesome impact it has on our backyard. Each of the 12x12 pavers was $0.99 from Home Depot and we used 15 of them to line the bed. The horse trough was $120 from Tractor Supply Co. Jim used soils and rock from our yard to half fill the container and it took about $16 worth of potting soil for the top layer to nourish the plants. The plants themselves cost about $55 but I got killer deals {since it's late as far as planting season} and a few are actually perennials so they will hopefully live into next year so less work and money for us! Total cost with tax was about $220... not bad when you consider how gorgeous it is now!
I planted ornamental kale, geraniums, marigolds, salva and a few other random items that I thought looked cool. By no means am I a gardening expert so we'll see how successful it is in looking beautiful through the fall. For now it's looking great and I really LOVE it.
Happy first official day of summer!!

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