Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Pinterest Challenge: Painted Jute Rug

So I'm finally participating in a (completely unofficial) winter edition of a Pinterest Challenge! Here is the info in case you haven't heard of these challenges:
YoungHouseLove Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition Details

My Painted Jute Rug
There have been several of these Pinterest challenges in the past and I have never had something ready to share until today! I am hosting my friend's baby shower in a week and we really needed to update the rug in our kitchen nook so there was my project. Actually, this is actually Act II of this project (Act I can be seen here) since I had previously taken this same rug from drab (plain jute) to fab (green and white stripes). The reason for the re-do is that we now have a striped banquette instead of chairs and the stripes on stripes effect was so very uncool.
Here is what I did:
First, I taped all of the edges with Frog Tape. Then I took a pint of paint and section by section I poured a bit on and used a roller to get it into all of the bumpy crevices. I used a nappy roller to help the paint adhere better to the bumpy surface. After the whole thing was painted I just let it dry.
Now the paint "color" was created by your's truly by mixing existing colors together and praying that it didn't turn out puke colored. Surprisingly, it turned out being a nice dark teal which is fine with me since I just needed to get rid of the stripes. I will say that we agreed that the rug shouldn't be a neutral "boring" color since we really enjoyed the fun element that the stripes had brought to the space. Also, the adjoining room is super neutral so we like having something a little different in the kitchen nook area.
Green and white stripes (photo from Hadley's first birthday in March 2012)


Our kitchen nook has really evolved as we've lived in our house over the last 3 years. Here's a little look back at all of the changes.

This is from July 2009 when we were painting with the help of Jim's family before we moved in.

This next shot is from July 2011. See the top of sweet baby Hadley's head? My parents gave us the pedestal table and octagon rug we purchased the slip covered chairs at Ikea.

At the end of July 2011, we decided to paint the wall in the nook leading to our galley kitchen a warm grey color. Our plan was to add a backsplash right after painting so this is a progress shot.

Here is the completed backsplash in August 2011.

This was March 2012 during Hadley's first birthday party. The green and white striped rug was the star of the dining space.

Then in fall 2012 I decided that it was a great idea to dye the stained and now dingy looking white slipcovered chairs brown. It wasn't a perfect solution but it looked better in person than the white.

Then for Christmas 2012, my parents gifted us a Ballard Designs custom upholstered storage bench banquette. The striped banquette on the striped rug was a bit of a visual mess.

Again, here's the finished product with our newly solid colored jute rug. ;)

The Pinterest Challenge asks that you share a project that was inspired by Pins. You are asked to share the project inspirations so here they are:
Painted Rugs found via Pinterest

The "hosts" of this edition of the Pinterest Challenge have also done projects and participants are asked to link to them so here you go! :)


  1. I love your little dining area! Your banquet is amazing...what a great gift! I agree that the rug does look better in a solid color.

    1. Thanks! We absolutely love how the area is looking especially after looking back at where it started. ;)