Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

It's been a tough past 8 days at our house. Last weekend I had a terrible stomach flu.... I don't want to horrify with the details but it was by far the sickest I've been since I moved to MN. I could hardly get out of bed to do more than go to the bathroom even by Tuesday. Thank goodness I have Jim because everything was fine after I had a lot of rest and time to get my energy back.
Thanksgiving was split between our families and although exhausting after being sick, it was really great to see everyone. Did I cook per usual on Thanksgiving? Nope, sadly I didn't feel up to cooking but it was still fine and it happens.
I went out Black Friday morning shopping with my sister Parker to Toys'R'Us, Target, Old Navy and Kohl's. Thankfully we now only have a few easy additional things to pick up and otherwise the holiday shopping is complete.
Next up, it's time to decorate the inside of the house..... Jim got the lights up outside over a week ago so it's just the trees and wreaths that we have to pull out.
Hope everyone had a great holiday week/weekend so far. Get excited, it's almost December!

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