Monday, August 13, 2012

In full bloom.

My backyard trough planter is looking amazing :) hopefully it lasts another 2 months before it gets too cold for big blooms!
Last night we had my sister Taylor and her bf from Boston over for dinner with my parents. It was fun but Hadley was pretty shy... that was funny. Hadley's GiGi {my mom} brought her a tea set and she's already been having a lot of fun with it-- so cute!
Saturday was interesting. Jim put out mice poison around our garage and Lucy ended up eating some accidentally. Immediate trip to the vet to pump it out of her tummy :( AND our washing machine bit the dust. Double bummer day for us plus Jim's parents had Harley trouble on a day trip so it was not a great day for many of us.
We have done lots of walking {holding one hand OR one finger haha!} and Hadley is doing great and gaining confidence. She will stand for a few minutes at a time unassisted but only outside. She especially loves the feel of the wind in her hair when we are outside working on standing and walking. It's so cute and Hadley is just a dream-- I know she's mine so I should be in love but seriously she is such a good little girl and she just keeps getting better every day somehow. :)

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