Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday shmooze-day

First ever post from my laptop... for reals. We got a new power cord and Jim is going to get a new battery and all of a sudden my 2008 macbook will be brandnew'ish. Woot woot.
Hmm so let's see what there is to update the world on--
Hadley: Since she took her first chain of steps last week, our girl has literally taken off!  She will walk confidently down the sidewalk by herself {totally taking breaks to pull flowers out of my planters} and even walking down the hallway in the house and through the kitchen. Our lady has seriously grown into a full blown toddler with places to go (by herself) and LOTS of things to do!
State Fair: Jim and I went to the great Minnesota Get Together last Friday [8.24.12] and it was AMAZING as always-- at least I thought so! We had beergaritas, cheese curds, asian fusion pulled pork tacos, lamb fries (testicles!!) and churros. We also picked up two awesome quilts and a sock monkey winter hat for the kiddo since she was home with her auntie playing instead of sweating it out with us in the crowds.
New car: Working out beautifully and so much more comfy/easy to travel in compared to the coupe. Loving it.
My family: I love my family dearly and I know that everyone's family is complex but seriously I am so utterly frustrated by the lack of communication. For me to find out through a text message that I don't get the opportunity to say goodbye to my sister for who knows how long after she had just been gone for over six weeks is really tough. Wait tough doesn't describe it which = the frustration. Boo {and hiss}.

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