Monday, September 24, 2012

Smith College visit recap

I went last Thursday to visit my sister that attends Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and just got home last night. The campus is scenic and the student housing was almost like Harry Potter brought to life.
We roamed around downtown Northampton and visited a few boutique shops that were all really artsy and funky in a hip/modern way. I got to check out some of the academic buildings and we toured the botanical gardens that they are well-known for. In the web of greenhouses, there was a Titan Arum (Corpse flower) that was getting ready to bloom. It's an intensely stinky flower (think rotting flesh) and it's enormous.... like it was as tall as us in it's planter! We also visited the Eric Carle museum (Author/Artist of The Hungry Caterpillar, etc) where we saw exhibits on Maisy and The Snowy Day. They had a memory card art project that we did and that was so much fun too. :)

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