Monday, March 19, 2012

Back from vacation, celebrating 3/19 and a Cybex giveaway to check out!

We're back and I'm busy cleaning up and doing laundry. Once everything is a bit more settled I want to share some travel with baby insights and share some fun details from the time we spent in Forida.
It's Hadley, Mackenzie and Peggy's birthday today so Happy Birthday to all of those wonderful ladies!! :)
If you're interested in cool baby giveaways, check out the giveaway on which is a Cybex Aton seat today... so cool!
Funny tidbit, I went to the local FedEx office this morning to pickup a package that arrived while we'd been away and I saw TURKEYS lots and lots of turkeys (like a dozen or so females and two males) it was hilarious.

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