Monday, February 6, 2012

Closet reno part one

Hadley is moving all over the place and it's so fun! Here she is scooching around the living room with our pups Lucy and Cooper.... so cute!

My other update-
We've spent two and a half years living with tiny closets in our bedroom. They were so tiny that Jim actually kept all of his clothes in our guest room but now that we're going to move Hadley into that room we had to figure out how the closets in our room could actually work for both of us. Given the huge challenge, Jim and his dad worked all this last weekend and created two HUGE closets in our room. They have the framing done and one set of doors put up so I thought it could be fun to post a current picture as well as an in progress from Saturday night and the gross before shot from when we were getting things ready for demo. What a huge improvement! I will definitely post an after once everything is complete. AWESOME WORK GUYS!!!

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